Link Folders in Imaging to Contact Records in CRM

After creating a folder for a client in your Client Library, it is a good practice to link that folder to your client's record in your CRM.

Select Folder to Link to Client

Right click on the Folder Name you would like to link to a client and then select the Link to Client option:

Link Folder to Client

After clicking Link to Client, you will see a new page. At the top in orange, it will indicate the name of the Folder you are linking. You can then type a client name in the Search box and click the Search button to view any matching results. (Note as well that if you later decide you want to unlink a Folder from a Client, you can return to this Link Page and rather than searching for a Client you can simply click Clear Folder Links.) In our example, we're trying to link our Imaging folder "Joe Smith" to his record in our CRM, so that's the name we'll search for:

After clicking Search, we might see the below:

Click the name you want to link to and the link is established. You'll be returned to the Library and will now see the icon indicating that their folder is linked to their record in your CRM:

If you hover over one of these icons, you'll see a popup that displays what client record(s) the folder is linked to:

Where Will This Linked Folder Show Up in my CRM?

To view a client's Imaging files in your CRM after setting up this link, after going to their client record, click on Documents in the Record Detail menu:


Then, on their Documents page, click on the Redtail Imaging in the Document Views box:


From there, you can access the Imaging folder and all its subfolders and files from within your CRM:


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