What are the Imaging Libraries?

You have three Libraries within Imaging - Client, Corporate and Unfiled:

The Client Library is where you'll want to create folders and subfolders for your individual clients to store documents pertaining to them as individuals.

The Corporate Library is where you'll want to create folders and subfolders for documents not necessarily related to a particular client but rather related to your business.

The Unfiled Library can be used however you would like.

If you use the Scan New Image link in Imaging as opposed to the Scan Here link, files you scan will end up in the Unfiled Library by default.

Each of your Libraries is set up in the same format, so we'll take a look at a sample from a Client Library below in order to discuss what you'll see within your Libraries:

1. Folder / File Name column – The first column contains your Folder or File name. Clicking on a Folder Name will take you inside that folder. Clicking on a File Name will present you with an opportunity to open up that particular file. Right clicking on a folder or file name presents you with even more options, each of which we’ll look at in other posts.

2. Link to Client column – If you have linked a folder to a client, you will see the icon above in the Link to Client column for John Doe, Alison Hawkins and most of the rest of the entries. This means that the client's Imaging documents will be accessible from within their contact record in your Redtail CRM. 

3. Size column - This column will be blank for folders but will display a file size for individual files.

4. Last Modified (PST) column – This indicates the date and time (PST) your folder or file was last modified.

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