Redtail Imaging Overview

With ever increasing piles of paper on your desk, and file cabinets stuffed to overflowing, wouldn’t it be nice to have a solution that helps you reduce clutter, access client paperwork more easily AND link it to your Contact Records within Redtail? Redtail Imaging can help you accomplish all of this.

What is Redtail Imaging?

  • A full fledged document management system
  • Fully compliant with SEC -->FINRA rules on electronic document management
    • SEC Rule 17a-4
  • Integrated with Redtail CRM in order to have all electronic documents accessible from within a Contact record
  • Simple interface that allows for the dragging and dropping of files into the imaging system
  • A way to reduce paper retention and eliminate excess filing cabinets within an office

Redtail Imaging can be accessed in a variety of different ways including:

  • By clicking on Documents within a Contact’s Overview (then clicking the Redtail Imaging link under Document Views).
    • Note: You must first be on a Contact record to follow this path.

Alternatively, you can access this area by going to the Integrations menu in the bottom right corner of your database (when within a contact record) and selecting View Client Documents under Redtail Imaging:




  • You’ll then see your folder structure for that Client within Imaging accessible from within their Contact Record in Redtail (after you've linked the two) and can open any of those stored files from within their Contact Record: 


  • You can also access your Imaging database directly from here by clicking on the Launch Imaging link (see above image).
  • Or, you can access by clicking Integrations on the bottom menu bar and then clicking Single Sign On for Redtail Imaging:


A note about the folder structure:

It is important to define the processes of your office. This includes creating a standard folder structure that can be applied to each Contact. Having a standard structure will increase the efficiencies of the office and allow everyone to operate under the same premises and ensure that the Contact files make it into the correct folders.

How to get documents into Redtail Imaging:

  • The most popular way is with Retriever for Imaging (Windows only)
    • Allows for complete document management (uploading and folder management) without logging into Redtail Imaging online
      • You will still need to log into Redtail Imaging to link the contact’s imaging folder to their record in Redtail CRM
    • Allows for the dragging and dropping of folders and files into their desired location within Imaging
    • Ability to upload multiple files simultaneously
    • Clean and quick interface that is easy to use
  • The second most popular way of adding files is through the online Imaging uploader
    • Allows for the addition of files into a queue that will then upload the files to Redtail Imaging
    • Easily find the files you would like to upload in a familiar Windows folder structure view
    • Ability to upload multiple files simultaneously

Redtail CRM Document Storage

  • Allows for documents to be uploaded to Redtail without using the Redtail Imaging back end
    • This solution IS NOT compliant with regulatory standards to be a paperless office solution.
    • Uses of CRM document storage
      • Ability to share a document with a colleague
      • Great for in-process documents
      • Add documents by using the file uploader in the document storage section
      • Limited to a maximum size of 20MB per document
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