How do I create and apply Personal Indexes in Imaging

Personal Indexes are available to give you greater search capabilities than those available through the general search in Imaging. They allow you to decide the ways in which you might want to search for a document and the capability to then index documents according to the personal indexes you’ve created. Click on the Modify Indexes link that appears when you hover over the “Manage Your Account” link under Imaging to add, edit or delete Personal Indexes for Index Search purposes:


Modify Indexes

Below is an example of the Modify Indexes page within an account that has already added some personal indexes. We’ll discuss working with existing Personal Indexes after we take a look at adding a New Index.

Add New Index

In the example above, note the Add New Index link underneath the existing Personal Indexes. Click on that link whenever you want to add a new Personal Index. You will then see the following underneath your current Personal Indexes:

Type the name of your new Personal Index (this will show up as your Index’s Name, an example in the Modify Indexes section above being “Correspondence Type.”)  Then, from the Index Type column choose whether you want your new Index to be a Text Box, True/False selection, Yes/No selection or List Box:

After making this selection, you can click Save and your new Personal Index will then be available.

Edit Index

If you would like to edit a Personal Index you previously created, you can do so from the Modify Indexes page.  NOTE: If your Index Type is List box, you will see a “Modify List Values” link to the right of your Index Name.  Clicking on that link will allow you to edit or delete existing List box items or to add new List box items for that Index.  In the example below, we clicked on “Modify List Values” to the right of the Index “Correspondence Type”:

For all other types of edits, click on the corresponding Edit link in the Actions column at which point you will see the Personal Index you’re editing displayed similarly to the Add New Index example above.  You can then change the Index’s Name or Type and resave.

Add Personal Index to File

When you right click on a file within your Imaging Library, one of your choices is to Add Personal Indexes:

After clicking on this, you will be taken to a page that lists all of your Personal Indexes, where you can assign values for any or all of them to the file you right clicked on.  Below is an example of the screen with sample Personal Indexes:

Note that some of the Personal Indexes (such as RIA Contract) offer Text Boxes – any value can be entered into those fields.  The Personal Indexes that offer dropdown boxes represent List Boxes, Yes/No selections or True/False selections. Once you’ve assigned a value to a file for one of these Personal Indexes, the file then becomes searchable using the Index Search for that Index.

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