Context-sensitive help from within your CRM

Context-sensitive help is now available from within Redtail CRM. Note: the addition of this functionality is in its early stages and is not yet available throughout the application.  That said you can begin using this where available now (Dashboard/Today's Overview, Calendar, Manage Database Lists, Standard Reports, Change Site Preferences, Seminar Management, Opportunity Tracker and Custom Exporting).

To access context-sensitive help for a particular area of your CRM, you'll first need to look at the bottom right corner menu bar of your CRM and look for the "Help" option:




If you see this option in the menu bar, this means context-sensitive help has been implemented for the area of the CRM you're currently using.  If you click "Help," you'll then see little question mark icons in different areas on the page.  Clicking a question mark icon will then open up help documentation in a new window, specific to the area of the CRM from which you clicked.  

As an example, let's say you are on your Today's Overview page and you want to know more about working with the Calendar on this page.  If you click the "Help" option, you'll then see the header bar in your Calendar on this page now has the question mark icon:




Clicking this particular icon, you'll then see Help documentation for your Today's Overview Calendar open up in a new tab or window, allowing you to access the help you need without leaving what you're working on:



Look for additional context-sensitive help to be made available in the near future.

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