If you are a registered MyIceberg user, you can both send contacts from Redtail to your MyIceberg (MIB) account and create Redtail contact records from contacts you have in MIB. Also, after sending contacts to MIB, you'll have one click access to the data you store about them privately within MyIceberg from their contact record in Redtail.

Let's take a look at how these work.

In order to begin using the integration, you'll first need to enable the integration within your database under Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Integrations:





After enabling this and saving, you'll see a new penguin icon in the Basic Information section for all of your contacts:




If you click that icon and you're not currently logged into your MIB account, you'll see the below:




Click Launch MyIceberg to login to your account in a new browser tab. Then, go back to your Redtail tab. If you then click the MIB icon, you'll see the below:




Click Send to MyIceberg and the Redtail contact will be sent over to your MIB account. Note: a contact record in Redtail must have either a mobile phone number or an email address entered in their record in order to be sent to MIB.

One thing to note about your menu options above: if you have previously sent the contact record from Redtail to MIB, this menu will say "Launch MyIceberg" even if you are already logged in. Clicking it then will take you directly to the contact's record within MIB.

Now, let's take a look at creating a contact record in Redtail from your MIB account:

When on the Friend Detail tab for a contact in MIB, you'll see a Redtail icon above their Personal Information:




If you click that icon, you'll see the below:




Click "Save" in the upper right corner and your contact from MIB will be created as a contact record in Redtail.

Finally, as we mentioned above, sending a contact from Redtail to MIB or vice versa then grants you one-click access from within Redtail to your privately stored data on that contact within MIB. After clicking Launch MyIceberg from within their Redtail record, you'll go directly to their record within MIB, where you can access their Details, Social/News Stream, Mutual Friends, Albums and Events.

More details on how to use MyIceberg can be found at their FAQ page.

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