Money Organizer Pro isn’t just a great cash flow management tool that grades clients on their ability to sustain their lifestyle, it’s also a great data-gathering tool that allows Redtail users to more easily collect and organize more client data than they were before, while helping advisors develop more efficient uses of cash flow for clients in an effort to increase savings and decrease debt.

Learn, from Money Organizer Pro CEO, about the techniques used to more easily collect and organize client data and then how to use Money Organizer Pro to help clients maximize their cash flow. Moreover, learn how Money Organizer Pro can help you utilize Redtail at a deeper level by collecting more data and with an effective process management system.

How much time will you save? On average, advisors save more than 2 hours per client. Your clients can simply complete the online client profile and you can not only use that data to help clients maximize their cash flow, but you can import that data into Redtail with just a few clicks. What’s more is Money Organizer Pro captures and integrates more data than other online questionnaires.

You can find documentation below on not only how to SET UP the Integration between Redtail and MoneyOrganizerPro, but also how to either IMPORT data from Redtail to MoPro, or EXPORT data from MoPro to Redtail.



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