Riskalyze helps advisors pinpoint their clients' and prospects' tolerance for risk and lets them use that unique and personal Risk Fingerprint to find investments that fit them.

You can view the short video below for a look at how this works:


The integration with Redtail CRM allows you to launch Riskalyze from within a contact record in Redtail, where you'll then have access to Riskalyze's full suite of features (Risk Questionnaires, Portfolio Analysis, etc.) for the contact from whose record you've launched Riskalyze. You can launch Riskalyze by clicking the Riskalyze icon within a contact's Basic Information widget:



Note: if you don't see this option in a contact's Basic Information widget, you'll need to enable the integration from your Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Integrations area:


Once the integration is enabled for your database, upon clicking the icon from a contact's record, you'll see the below:


Note: when you initially click the Riskalyze icon, you may see, rather than the Risk Tolerance and Portfolio Risk area, a link to Learn About Riskalyze, where you can view a guided tour and sign up for their service.

You can then click one of the top two options to launch Riskalyze. The Risk Tolerance and Portfolio Risk areas here will display a question mark until your client has completed your Questionnaire.

With the free account which is available to all offices, you can use Riskalyze with up to three clients. Should you wish to then use Riskalyze with additional clients, you can contact Riskalyze to upgrade to the full version. Once you're upgraded, you'll be able to launch Riskalyze from any of your contact records. You'll also be able to synchronize Redtail and Riskalyze data, create a Riskalyze Client Profile from a Redtail Contact record and link an existing Riskalyze Client to a Redtail Contact. Details on these additional integration features for Riskalyze users is available in Riskalyze's Knowledge Base here.

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