Quik! Forms Setup

In order to set up your integration between Quik! Forms and Redtail, you'll need to connect your Quik! Forms Library to Redtail.

Quik! has a post that will walk you through setting this up (the setup is on their end).  You can see those instructions here.

Once you've set the integration up, you can then send contacts to Quik!.  To do so, go to the contact's record you'd like to send and select the Send To option for Quik! from the Integrations menu at the bottom of the contact's Overview page:




Noteif you send a Family Head to Quik! Forms, it will also include much of their Spouse's information as well as information on other contacts linked to them via their Family section in Redtail.  That spousal and family data is listed at the bottom of the list below.


What data does Redtail include in this Send to Quik! Forms for all records?

If you Send to Quik! Forms from a Family Head's record, in addition to the above data, the below data will be included in the send as well:

Spousal Information:
Family InformationNote: the below information will be sent for each contact listed in the Family Head's Family section, other than the spouse, who is covered above:

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