If you are a subscriber to Redtail CRM, we have partnered with AdvisoryWorld to provide you with a quick and free way to generate Fact Sheets for your accounts from AdvisoryWorld from within your CRM. Before using this integration, one of your database admins will need to enable it within your CRM. Instructions for doing so can be found here. No setup is required to use this integration. If you are a paying customer of AdvisoryWorld, there are additional integration options we'll discuss after we look at generating a Fact Sheet for an account.

To generate a Fact Sheet for one of your client's accounts, just go to their Accounts page.

Right-clicking an account on this page will provide you with the options to Edit, Move, Delete or View Account Details, as well as access to generate a complementary Advisory World Fact Sheet for the account (Note: for accounts with multiple assets you can go to the Account Details page for the account, right-click a particular Asset and generate a Fact Sheet for individual assets):




After clicking Generate Fact Sheet, you can then open the file up in PDF format.

Note: for a Fact Sheet to generate, the account must have a valid Asset symbol(s) entered, as this is what the Fact Sheet is based upon.  You can determine if an account has a symbol entered for it by right-clicking the account, selecting View Account Details and then looking in the first section on that page (Account Assets).  If it does not, you can add the Asset (Symbol) from that widget, and then you should be able to generate a fact sheet.

Now, let's take a look at the integration options available for paying AdvisoryWorld customers. To set up the integration, you'll need to go within Redtail CRM to Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences:




Then, scroll down to the Integrations section to the AdvisoryWorld area, enter your AdvisoryWorld username and the AdvisoryWorld account owner's last name and click Save:




Once you've entered and saved your AdvisoryWorld credentials here, you'll also have access to the AdvisoryWorld Reports accessible from your clients' Accounts pages:



Just Click HoldingScan (Account Report), HoldingScan with Benchmark (Account Report with performance compared to a benchmark), Investment Fact Sheets (1 Page Sheets for all Account Holdings) or Launch SCANalytics to seamlessly login to AdvisoryWorld’s app.


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