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If you have a Citrix ShareFile account, you can link your contact's ShareFile folders to a ShareFile Documents area within Redtail CRM.

To enable this integration, an admin user of your database will need to click on Manage Database Integrations under the Manage Your Account menu within Redtail:




On the resulting page, the admin should check off Enable ShareFile Integration in the ShareFile Options widget and then click Save:




This will enable the integration for your database users and add ShareFile Documents as an available Document View within your contacts' Documents area:




One step remains, however, before you can begin linking ShareFile Folders to contact records within Redtail CRM.  This step can be accessed under Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences:




On the resulting page, scroll down to the ShareFile section within the Integrations widget:



Here, enter your ShareFile username, password and domain.  Then scroll back up and click the Save option in the Integrations header bar:




You're then ready to begin linking ShareFile folders.

To do so, first go to the contact record whose folders you'd like to link.  Then, go to their Documents page:




From there, click ShareFile Documents in the Document Views widget:




You'll then see the below:




Click Link ShareFile Folder to begin linking — the below dialog will appear, displaying Available Folders for linking from your ShareFile account:




Just click the Folder name to link to your contact record and then click Link this Folder.  After doing so, you'll then see the folder within your CRM, as in the example below:




Once you've linked a ShareFile folder to a contact record within Redtail CRM in this manner, you can then simply click any files within the CRM that you'd like to open up to view.

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