Redtail provides a standard export designed specifically to function with SendOutCards.  To access this export, you'll need to bring up the list of contacts you want to add to your SendOutCards account on your Advanced Search page in Redtail.  From there you can select the "Send Out Cards (CSV)" option from the Exports pulldown menu in the Result Options box on your Advanced Search page:



After selecting "Send Out Cards (CSV)", you should receive an option to open or save the file.  Go ahead and open it. You will then need to save it on your computer with a file type of .txt, as a TEXT (Tab Delimited) file. This is the only format that will work when importing the file into SendOutCards.

When beginning the import process within SendOutCards, you'll see the below:

Click "Choose File" to browse for the .txt export file you saved from Redtail. After finding and selecting that file, click the "Import" button indicated above. You'll then see the below:

Use this screen to map your fields. After creating a Profile Name, click each dropdown menu and select the field you want to map, e.g., First Name to First Name, Last Name to Last Name, etc.

Once done mapping your fields, just follow any other SendOutCard onscreen prompts to complete the import process of your Redtail contact data.


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