TD Ameritrade

Redtail now offers account feeds from TD Ameritrade. 

You'll need to contact TD Ameritrade to have them set you up on their end for this feed.  Once you've done this, TDA will send us the necessary information to process the setup on our end.  After we've received this information from TDA, your feed should begin within 2-3 business days.

Once the integration feed has begun, you'll begin seeing accounts on your Unlinked Accounts page within Redtail.

Access to Veo’s open access capabilities is provided as a service to financial advisors using the brokerage, execution and custody services of TD Ameritrade Institutional. TD Ameritrade Institutional and Redtail Technology are separate, unaffiliated companies and not responsible for one another’s products and services. TD Ameritrade is not responsible for information, opinions or services provided by a third party. In no instance should the listing of a third party be construed as a recommendation or endorsement by TD Ameritrade.

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