Once you've signed up with MoneyGuidePro, you can obtain your MGP Integration ID from them (or you can obtain this from within your MoneyGuidePro account under User Options --> Partner Options). You will need to enter this within your Redtail account under Manage Your Account --> Change Site Preferences in the MoneyGuidePro section:

After entering this ID, click Save in the top right corner of the Integrations section of your Site Preferences page.

You can then send your client data to MoneyGuidePro. To send a client to MoneyGuidePro, click the Send to link accessible within all client records when clicking on the Integrations menu:


After clicking Send to, you will see the screen below:




You have two options:

1. "First Time Users — Register" - This option is for users who do not have a MGP subscription. This will automatically create a 14-day Free Trial of MGP for you to access —— OR

2. "Existing Users — Login" - If you have a MGP subscription already, simply enter in your MGP login credentials and click "Login".

After entering in your MGP credentials, you will be prompted with a screen similar to the one below:




You have two options:

1. If the client already exists in MGP and is not currently linked to Redtail, enter the client's last name and click "Search". This will allow you to link the client information in Redtail to the existing client in MGP.

2. If the client does not exist in MGP, simply select "Add as a New Client".

You can then map the imported account(s) by selecting the correct account owner and account type:




After completing this process, select "Continue".

You'll then land on the client's My Plans page. To see the imported accounts, click on the Profile link at the bottom of the page and go to the Resources link on the left menu.

MoneyGuidePro Options from a Client's Basic Information section

 You should also note additional options for working with the MoneyGuidePro integration within the Basic Information section for your contacts:




If you click the MoneyGuidePro icon here you'll see the below options:




  • Launch MoneyGuidePro works in the same manner as the "Send To" option covered previously in this post.
  • Clicking Recommended plan result pulls data from MGP to display the probability of success of the client's current financial plan, based upon the plan that has been created within MGP. In other words, data is only available here if the client has previously been sent from Redtail to MoneyGuidePro and a financial plan has been created. An example of what this might look like is below:


Data that is sent from Redtail to MoneyGuidePro:

Client First Name
Client Last Name
Client Date of Birth
Client Marital Status
Spouse First Name
Spouse Last Name
Spouse Date of Birth
Children's and Other Dependent's First Names, Last Names and Dates of Birth
Held (data linked in Redtail from any of our aggregation integration partners) Account data for entire household:
Account Type
Account Description
Every Postition - Ticker, Name and Balance

Once your client's data has been sent to MoneyGuidePro, you can then create various reports for them within MoneyGuidePro. After doing so and saving the report in MoneyGuidePro, it will be accessible within the client's record in Redtail under Contact Overview --> Documents. From that page, click MoneyGuidePro Reports in the Document Views box:

At that point, you will see any Reports you've created and saved to history in MoneyGuidePro within your client's record in Redtail.

MoneyGuidePro also has some videos you can watch on this integration accessible here. From that page, click on the Redtail logo to access those videos.

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