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Setting up the Integration

To enable your Copytalk integration with Redtail CRM, you'll first need to establish an account with Copytalk, if you haven't already done so.


      1. Call Copytalk Support at 866.267.9825 to have Redtail support activated.
      2. Login to MyCopytalk ( and click on the Redtail Integration link at the top:

      3. Enter your Redtail Username and Redtail Password in the appropriate fields and accept the Terms of Service on the Page. This will add a new “Redtail” recipient for your dictated work:

      4. You should see a Copytalk widget on your Dashboard page that looks similar to the below:


        If you do not, your Database owner will need to enable the integration under Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Integrations
      5. Dictating - you can contact Copytalk support at the number listed in Item 1 above for more assistance with the two options below:
      • If you have standard recipients (a majority of Copytalk customers): Call into the Copytalk dictation line as usual and a copy of your work will be sent to Redtail. 
      • If you have the Copytalk feature “Flexible Recipients”: Call into the Copytalk dictation line and specify Redtail in addition to any other recipients.

How the Integration Works

Once you've established your Copytalk-Redtail CRM integration, you can begin dictating messages to Redtail CRM.  They will show up on your Today's Overview page:




You'll then have four right-click options with each of your Copytalk Messages:



  1. Create Activity from Copytalk - clicking this option will bring up your standard Add New Activity dialog, with the Copytalk Message already entered into the Note for the Activity:


  2. Create Note from Copytalk - clicking this option will bring up your standard Add New Note dialog, with the Copytalk Message already entered:


  3. Delete Copytalk Message - you can click this to remove the message from you Copytalk Messages.  You'll receive a confirmation dialog to confirm the deletion:

  4. View Copytalk Message - select this option to see a dialog displaying the message you sent from Copytalk:

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