Integrations Menu - Accessible from Bottom Site Navigation Bar

You have several options available with some of Redtail's integration partners from the Integrations menu in the bottom site navigation bar:

Your options when clicking on this menu will vary, dependent upon whether or not you are within a contact record when clicking.

Options available outside of a contact record

If you click on this menu from anywhere within Redtail other than when within a contact record, you'll see the below:


For most of Redtail's integration partners listed here, you have a Single Sign On (SSO) option which will allow you to directly log into your account with that Redtail partner (if you have an account with them and you have set up your credentials where applicable). You also have SSO for your Redtail-hosted Webmail account and Redtail Imaging, if you subscribe to either of these services.  If you are a Schwab Portfolio Center user, there is a link here for uploading your account data export from Schwab into Redtail.

Options available from within a contact record

If you click on the Integrations menu while within a contact record, you'll see the below menu options:



Note that you have all of the options that were available in the Integrations menu when accessed outside of a contact record, but you have a lot of additional options (and some additional integration partners) available here as well. You can see our Integrations documentation for more details on our various integration partners.

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