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If you subscribe to both MarketingPro and Redtail, you can send pieces from MarketingPro to Redtail to run merges with your individual clients.

First, you'll need to obtain your Authentication Code from MarketingPro. This is accessible from within your MarketingProaccount under Settings --> CRM Integration --> Redtail CRM. Then, within Redtail, go to Manage Your Account --> Change Site Preferences and enter that code in the MarketingPro section:

Then, click Save in the top right corner of the Integrations section of your Site Preferences page to save this change.

To send documents from MarketingPro to Redtail, click on the document within MarketingPro you want to send. At the bottom of the page where the document is then displayed, you'll see a button you can click that says "Add Message To Redtail":

After doing so, if you'd like to merge the document for distribution to a specific contact, from within the contact's record in Redtail click the Integrations menu at the bottom of the page. Then, select "Create New Document" under MarketingPro:

You'll see a "Create Marketing Library Document" dialog:

Click the arrows in the "Select One" box to choose from the MarketingPro documents you've pushed to Redtail. Then click Create MarketingLibrary Document. At that point the document should open up in Microsoft Word. If any merge fields are included in the document, you should see the contact's data populate those fields (as long as that data is recorded in Redtail). You can then make any necessary edits and print your document for distribution.

You can also merge a MarketingPro document for multiple contacts from your Advanced Search page — you'll see the Create Marketing Library Document option in the Options pulldown menu to the right of your search results.  After selecting, just follow the same instructions above.

Pulling contacts from Redtail to your MarketingPro account

A video tutorial on this is available here.

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