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When logging into your database, the default login page is your Today's Overview page (which is otherwise accessible under Dashboard --> Today's Overview):


There are several components to this page.  Here we'll take a look at the Mobile Assistant Messages component.

Mobile Assistant offers an easy, fast, secure and accurate method for documenting client interactions and meeting details — you can read more about Mobile Assistant here.  Mobile Assistant's integration with Redtail offers you an easy way to transfer dictated Notes into Redtail.

Setting up the Integration

  • Sign up for a Mobile Assistant account. You can sign up here. Be sure to include your Redtail Username and Password during the sign up process (login information is NOT retained by Mobile Assistant — it is only used for the initial integration setup).  You can sign up for a trial account from that link or you can go ahead and activate your Mobile Assistant account with the discount coupon for Redtail users.
    To sign up for a free trial, click the below button on Mobile Assistant's website:

    If you click on the free trial button, you'll then see the below:

    I've entered some information in each of the fields for demo purposes.  After filling out your information, you can click Start Free Trial.

    To activate your Mobile Assistant account with the Redtail discount coupon, click the below button from the Mobile Assistant page linked to above:

    You can then follow onscreen prompts, dependent upon whether or not you are an existing or new Mobile Assistant user.
  • Begin using your Mobile Assistant account. Quick and easy instructions can be found here. Within hours, your message will be delivered to your email Inbox and listed under the Mobile Assistant Messages section within your Redtail Dashboard (NOTE: If you state "Subject Line is . . ." at the beginning of your Mobile Assistant message, the subject line will diplay in the Subject column for your message in Redtail:


You'll then have four right-click options with each of your Mobile Assistant Messages:

    1. Create Activity from Mobile Assistant - clicking this option will bring up your standard Add New Activity dialog, with the Mobile Assistant Message already entered into the Note for the Activity:

    2. Create Note from Mobile Assistant - clicking this option will bring up your standard Add New Note dialog, with the Mobile Assistant Message already entered:


    3. Delete Mobile Assistant Message - you can click this to remove the message from your Mobile Assistant Messages. You'll receive a confirmation dialog to confirm the deletion:

    4. View Mobile Assistant Message - select this option to see a dialog displaying the message you sent from Mobile Assistant:

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