Orion Advisor

If you are an Orion Advisor user, you can establish an account feed from Orion to Redtail. You'll need to contact Orion to let them know that you want to establish this integration.  Orion will then provide you with the information you need to request the setup with Redtail.

Once the integration has been set up, in addition to the account feed you'll have further options available to you within Redtail via Orion Connect.  To enable those options, someone with admin rights for your database will need to go to Manage Your Account —> Manage Database Integrations and check off the "Enable Orion Advisor Integration" option and save.  Once your feed has begun and this option has been selected, you'll see two new areas within your database with access to Orion Connect.

1.  From your Tools menu, there will be an Orion Connect option:




If you click this, you'll see and have direct access to a list of Orion Applications within your CRM:




2.  You will also have some Orion Connect Report options on a client's Accounts page within Redtail if they have accounts that came over in your Orion feed.  The widget with these reports will show up in the right-hand column on client Accounts pages:




Just click on the report you'd like to view and it will open up in .pdf format.


To learn more about Orion, click play on the video below.

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