You can read more about MailChimp here

To begin using the integration, you will need to establish an account with MailChimp. You can then obtain your API Key from within your MailChimp account - you will need to enter this within Redtail CRM under Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences:

Once on your Site Preferences page, scroll down to the Mail Chimp section and enter your API Key in the box:

Then, click Save at the top of the Integrations section on this page:

You can then go to any Contact Record's Overview and scroll to the Common Tasks area at the bottom of the right-hand column, where you'll see a Send to MailChimp option:

After clicking the Send to MailChimp link, you'll see a dialog where you can select which of your MailChimp lists to add the contact to and also an option to send the contact an Opt-in Email:


After making your selections, click Add to MailChimp List.

You can also send contacts to MailChimp in bulk.  To do so, pull up the group of contacts you want to send on your Search page within Redtail.  Then, from the Options menu, choose Send to Mailchimp:



You'll then see the same dialog you see when sending an individual contact, allowing you to select the MailChimp list in which to place these contacts.  Just complete the Send to MailChimp in the manner as described above.

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