If you would like to set up an account data feed from Fidelity to Redtail, please contact Redtail Support at 800-206-5030 opt. 3 then opt. 2 or via email at to provide your Gnumber. If you do not know your Gnumber, please contact Fidelity to obtain and then contact Redtail Support to provide.

We will then notify Fidelity of your request to have this integration set up. If your firm has completed the Fidelity Data Access Agreement to Attestation Amendment (DAAAA), then please complete a Third Party Transmission Request via WealthCentral to complete your request with Fidelity. If your firm has not completed a DAAAA as of yet, Fidelity will send an LOU via DocuSign to an executive (president, partner, principal, officer, SVP, or VP). If the LOU/Transmission Request is completed in good order by Wednesday 12PM ET, the Gnumbers will be added to the data feed that Friday night for Fidelity’s weekly install. If this is not completed before the cut-off time, the request will be processed for next Friday’s install.

For Fidelity Tech Support requests (i.e. related to Single Sign On from WealthCentral – setup and troubleshooting), you can use the following phonenumber: Fidelity Institutional Technical Support – 800-523-5518 option 3.

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