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If you use Laser App desktop software, you can send a client directly from Redtail to Laser App, rather than having to manually data enter their information within Laser App.  Note: if you send a Family Head to Laser App, it will also include much of their Spouse's information as well as information on other contacts linked to them via their Family section in Redtail.  That spousal and family data is listed at the bottom of the list below.  Note as well that Laser App offers an Anywhere version, for use on tablets and smartphones — you can learn more about that here.

Send an Individual to Laser App

To send an individual to Laser App, go to their Contact Overview page in Redtail and then click the Integrations menu at the bottom of the page. From there click on Send to under the Laser App Software integration:


After clicking the Send to Laser App link within a client's record, you'll see an Open/Save dialog:

Click Open. Laser App will then open up and your client will be in your list of Laser App contacts.

What data does Redtail include in this Send to LaserApp for an individual contact record?

If you Send to Laser App from a Family Head's record, in addition to the above data, the below data will be included in the send as well:
Spousal Information:
Family InformationNote: the below information will be sent for each contact listed in the Family Head's Family section, other than the spouse, who is covered above:

Send contacts to Laser App in bulk

You also have the ability to export a file for multiple contacts from your Advanced Search page, which you can then save and import into Laser App.  After running your search and then selecting the contacts you want to include in the export, just select Laser App (CSV) from the Exports menu to the right of your search results:


After your file opens, just save it to a location on your machine that you can remember.  Note: Laser App requires a file extension of .lif for import into their software.  On older versions of Windows, you can just change the file extension of your export from .csv to .lif when saving and then follow Laser App's instructions for importing contact data.  If you use Windows 7, however, you'll need to take a few extra steps in order to change the file extension on your export from Redtail from .csv to .lif.  To do so:

1.  After saving and closing the file, open up your Windows Control Panel:




2.  Change your "View by:" setting to "Large icons":





3.  Click Folder Options:




4.  On the resulting Folder Options dialog, go to the View tab, uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types" and then click Apply:




5.  You can then go to the file you saved earlier, right-click it and select "Rename":




6.  Then, you'll see the file name is editable:




7.  Just highlight "csv" and change it to "lif":




8. Click enter and you should see the file saved with the new .lif extension, which will now allow you to import it into Laser App.  See the attached file for a screenshot of the path to use within Laser App to import your file.


Note: For reference, the fields included when creating the Laser App export from the Advanced Search page (for a file to import in bulk to Laser App) are different than those when sending an individual.  The fields for the bulk export file are:

If Family Heads are in this export, in addition to the above data, the below data about their spouses will be included in the export as well:
Spousal Information:



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