eMoney Advisor (emX)

If you subscribe to both Redtail CRM and eMoney Advisor, this integration will allow you to send basic contact information from Redtail to eMoney and to access eMoney Spotlight from within your client records in Redtail. It will also allow you to link or import clients, add accounts, access Redtail and work with Notes and several other items on the eMoney side. At the end of this post, you can download a pdf detailing all of these options available on the emX side.

Before setting up this integration, one of your database admins will need to enable it within your CRM. Instructions for doing so can be found here.

To set up this integration, from within Redtail go to Manage Your Account --> Change Site Preferences and scroll to the eMoney Advisor section:



For the Partner Name field: By default, all users are set up under the eMoney Advisor (Independent) option. However, you can change this if you’re under one of the other partners listed in the Partner Name pulldown menu:




You should note as well the reset integration option. With changes to this integration setup (in August 2014), you may need to click this link to reset prior to proceeding to the steps below.

Then, click Save in the top right corner of the Integrations section of your Site Preferences page.

To send a client to eMoney, click the Send to link accessible within all contact records when clicking on the Integrations menu:



After clicking on this link within a client record, you will be prompted to enter your eMoney credentials:




Each user should only have to enter these credentials once. After entering your credentials and clicking Allow Access, eMoney will open up.  You can then search for the client you've just sent and you should see the data for them has been sent over from Redtail.

Fields included in this Send to eMoney are:

  • First name, Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Email1, Email2
  • Home, work and cell phone
  • Work Fax
  • Primary and work address
  • Employer / Company name
  • Title

eMoney Spotlight for Redtail displays a summary of each client’s current financial position, latest values for their investment accounts, and their insurance coverage on each Redtail contact page, while also providing you with access to your eMoney Vault.

Below are some sample screenshots of what eMoney Spotlight will look like within Redtail. Note: eMoney Spotlight is accessible, after you've sent a client to eMoney, by clicking on the eMoney icon from the client's Basic Information section (I've pointed to that icon below):










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