Release Notes — January 27, 2014

Below is a summary of recent Release Note Highlights:

  • CRM - Added Nickname to the Dashboard Calendar entries (when present on Contact Record).
  • CRM - Fixed bug that was present when adding contact to Tag Group from the Common Tasks menu.
  • CRM - Added option for users to print Calendar with their color coding reflected.
  • CRM - Riskalyze integration upgraded and made available for all users.
  • CRM - Fixed bug causing some users issues when downloading AdvisoryWorld Reports.
  • CRM - Added capability to download your contacts as a vCard from the Common Tasks menu.
  • CRM - Added Account Numbers to the Transaction Reports.
  • CRM - Notes by Contact Report now supports notes by disabled users.
  • CRM - Added benchmark option to the AdvisoryWorld Holding Scan report.
  • CRM - Added Send to Search option for Opportunity Tracker contacts.
  • CRM - Notes by Contact report now supports user defined time zone.
  • CRM - Can now click on Email Subject to open email viewing from the Email History widget.
  • CRM - Fixed bug in Send to Search from Activities Assigned By You to Others Report.
  • CRM - Added Export to PDF as option for the Transactions Report.
  • CRM - Bug fixes for Dashboard Calendar filtering and for adding Contacts.
  • IMAGING - Added 'created by' and 'uploaded by' names in Folder and Image Details.
  • IMAGING - Personal and Institutional Index list values are now shown in alphabetical order.
  • IMAGING - Can now include commas (the "," character) in a single personal index list value by wrapping the whole value in double quotes.
  • IMAGING - Switch Database feature available in same dropdown as Logout ; only users with multi-DB access will see the option.
  • IMAGING - Image scan page now shows Target Folder just like the Image upload page.
  • IMAGING - Added "Add Missing" link from the top Indexes menu; resultant page shows Images missing Personal Indexes, along with three actions.
  • IMAGING - Added an option to add Personal Indexes to an Image on the new "B/D Info" page, along with three actions.
  • IMAGING - Added link to the containing Folder in Image details panel.
  • IMAGING - Overhauled ADD and EDIT options for Personal Index Listbox Values.
  • IMAGING - Institutional Index search results now include Actions dropdown.
  • IMAGING - Index search results now include Actions dropdown.
  • IMAGING - Scanner duplex option bug fix implemented.
  • IMAGING - Retriever for Imaging updated.
  • IMAGING - IE 11 scanner TWAIN plugin bug fix.
  • IMAGING - Scanner page UI update.
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