Release Notes — December 26, 2012

Below is a summary of recent Release Note Highlights:

  • Quicklists created in Redtail CRM can now be synced to Outlook using Retriever for the Desktop — previously, only those created in Redtail Classic could be synced.
  • Added Transactions by Contact report to the Standard Reports.
  • Added the Workflow Funnel report to the Standard Reports.
  • Added the Top-N reports for Contacts by AUM and Account Company by AUM to the Standard Reports.
  • Added the Top-N report for Contacts by Referral to the Standard Reports.
  • Fixed autoexpanding of note entry input field.
  • Updated and added to the information displayed in contact name popup boxes.
  • Added option to Export to Excel in Unlinked Accounts report.
  • Added function to navigate between spousal contacts while staying on same contact page — i.e., if you click on a spouse's name in the Basic Information section of a contact record, you will be taken to the same area within the spouse's contact record that you are currently viewing in the other spouse's record.
  • Added the Opportunity Summary widget to the Opportunity Tracker — this widget displays (in dollars) the Total Amount Viewing, Total Amount Open, Total Amount Won and Total Amount Lost.
  • Added start and end times to the calendar mouseover tooltip.
  • Added account number viewing to the Contact by Notes report.
  • Added Broadcast Email Send Me A Copy option.
  • Added back the Report Disclosures option to the Change Site Preferences — this allows you to set the disclosure that shows up on reports generated from within Redtail.
  • Added an Add Activity option to the Common Tasks menu bar — this serves as a shortcut for adding an activity for a contact, regardless of the area of their record you are currently within.
  • Added the currently logged in Database Name to the top right screen headers.
  • Added Bulk Activity option to the Search page — this will allow you to assign identical activities to multiple contacts at once.
  • Added the Feed Details option to the Contact Accounts grid.
  • You can now edit workflow steps from the Workflow Reminder Report — just right-click a step to make your edits.
  • Removed the Market Summary Chart and replaced with an updated Market Summary grid with links to Yahoo Finance.
  • Added 5 minute refresh of Market News page data.
  • Switch Database link now shows a popup with the user database info.
  • Added a Print icon/option to the Update Activity dialog.
  • Now you can add a Contact when creating an activity — previously the contact had to have an existing record within Redtail in order to add an activity for the contact.
  • Added a popup to the Update Activity dialog to show the Contact Details.
  • Added PDF option to the Accounts by Contact and Accounts by Company reports.
  • Added memory feature to the Calendar so that when you go back to it you will be on the same view and same day as before.
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