Release Notes — September 13, 2012

Below is a summary of recent Release Note Highlights:

  • Added Marketing Library to the Manage Database Integrations section with an option to manage your available documents.
  • Added a Make Primary option when right-clicking on an address in the Contact Card.

  • Updated the Account Beneficiary Report to have the beneficiaries ordered A-Z.

  • Added Orion Connect to the Tools menu if you have the Orion integration enabled.

  • Added Orion Connect option to Accounts right-click if the account is being fed by Orion integration.

  • Changed the Dashboard Chart widget to reflect the Top 10 items for charting.

  • Marital Month, Status and Year searches will now only return Individual type Contacts.

  • Gender searches will now only return Individual type Contacts.

  • Age searches will now only return Individual type Contacts.

  • Using the Birthday Reminder search field will filter results to only return Individual type contacts.

  • Removed deleted active workflows from the Workflow Trigger popups.

  • Many bug fixes, including:

    — Fixed bug where account registration field would be cleared when editing an account
    — Fixed bug where activity update notifications are not always sent to users
    — Fixed bug preventing Marketing Library documents from downloading on the Search page
    Fixed bug with Zillow integration not working when the address had a Zip+4
    Fixed bug in TDA Announcements widget on Dashboard page
    Fixed mapping issues related to sending an Individual type Contact to Laser App


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