Release Notes — June 3, 2013

Below is a summary of recent Release Note Highlights:

  • Added total balance by group on the Account Reports — This will allow you to see at a glance where your AUM is concentrated in regards to Account Company, Product Type, etc.
  • Added option to edit an existing Note Category; right click on a note for this option.
  • Added option to edit an existing Note Account; right click on a note for this option.
  • Notes Report now uses the CRM Time Zone preference to adjust the displayed Note date time.
  • Unlinked accounts report changed to show last 5 digit SSN match for Scottrade.
  • Run a Seminar mail merge and filter against the Seminar Attendee Status
  • Updated Quik Forms integration — improvement of data flow from Redtail CRM to Quik!
  • Now remembering grid column order for Dashboard Calendar, Opportunity Tracker, Open Contact Activities and Contact Accounts.
  • Updated how we execute searches for better performance.
  • GoalgamiPro integration now available for all users — Setup instructions available here.
  • Added a datepicker field to the Complete Workflow Step dialog.
  • Now tracking changes for five of the Contact Details fields — History log accessible by right-clicking anywhere within the Contact Details widget.
  • Workflow History dialog now shows the number of days it took for each Step.
  • Added the Contact Name to the Print Checklist Tasks report.
  • You can now right-click on the Contact Details section to perform actions like Change Status
  • Added option to download a previously saved Contact Photo.
  • Added Workflow Notification email when first assigning the Workflow.
  • Restored automated session expirations.
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