Release Notes — April 2, 2013

Below is a summary of recent Release Note Highlights:

  • New completed activity dialog; allows you to restore activity from Calendar —  you can see this post for details.
  • Added option to download email attachments from within the email message viewer.
  • New integration! Citrix Sharefile is now available to userssee this post for details.
  • Added save & new and save & clone to Transaction add/edit from Contact.
  • Updated Contacts A-Z to start with the letter "A" instead of the numbers.
  • Underline the currently selected letter in Contacts A-Z.
  • Added filter options to the Account Renewals report.
  • Added option to upload documents under the Account Details section.
  • Report Display Name field now used on Account reports.
  • Added some missing fields to the Portfolio Detail Report.
  • Added BCC option to internal email client.
  • Added phone number formatting to the Address/Phone/Email report.
  • Bug fixes on Activity delete functions.
  • Bug fix for Dashboard Calendar refreshing whole grid on right-click actions.
  • Disable auto refreshing of Dashboard Calendar when more than one item is selected.
  • Now refreshing the membership grid when the Contact Basic Info is updated.
  • Bug fixes on reports where deleted Contacts sometimes showed up.
  • Multiple email archive viewing fixes; performance related.
  • Bug fixes to the Workflow Reminder report.
  • Bug fixes to the Checklist Reminder report.
  • Fixed bug in Recycle Bin where the grid would "jump" when selecting a row.
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