Release Notes — April 2, 2012

Below is a summary of recent Release Note Highlights:

  • Added a green banner to the Basic Information widget for when it is the Contact's birthday — if you've entered a Date of Birth for a contact and it matches today's date, it will display a message at the top of their Basic Information section like the below:


  • Updated the View Workflow History widget making the current active step a green colored row — when you elect to view Workflow History for a Workflow Process attached to a contact, this allows you to quickly see the current step:


  • Fixed BEGINS WITH and LIKE searches to use the text of the value for the following fields: Account Type, Account TaxQualified Type, Keyword, Service Agent, and Writing Agent — these fixes give you a lot more flexibility when searching for multiple similar values for any of these fields.

  • Added memory via cookies to the Dashboard Calendar view filter and the Dashboard Recent Notes view filter — this means that your last filter settings for either of these sections will be remembered: if you log out and log back in or go to another page and then return to your Dashboard, those filters will still be applied.

  • Fixed bug where Recycle Bin and Seminar Management grids would "jump" when selecting a row — this issue was making it difficult for some users to restore records from the Recycle Bin.

  • Added integration to Net Documents. No settings required. Just visit a Contact Documents page and select Net Documents on the top right.

  • Added integration for Trumpet by adding the required integration fields to the Contact Basic Information. No setups required.

  • Added Bulk Written Agreements Review update option to the Search page.

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