Release Notes — March 13, 2012

Below is a summary of Release Note Highlights from the past two weeks:

  • Linked the pie chart on the Dashboard to the related report and Clicking on pie chart wedge filters the related report to that item only — These are both in reference to the pie chart on your CRM Dashboard.

  • Allow users to modify the Contact Membership list options from Manage Your Account --> Membership Options page — This is a new menu item.  From the Membership Options page, you can click Add New Membership Type in the upper right-corner to add new Types or right-click an existing Membership Type to edit it or delete.

  • Added CitiesDigital (Laserfiche) integration — if you've entered and saved your Install Path for CitiesDigital within Redtail under Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences —>Integrations, when within a contact record you can now go to the Integrations menu and Send To Laserfiche.

  • Added Dashboard Recent Notes user filtering — You'll now see an additional option at the far right end of the header bar for this section.  By default it is set to "Me," which means it filters by your Notes.  You can click "Me" to select another individual database user's Notes to view, or to select "Everyone."

  • Added Seminar Start and End time fields

  • Added option to edit a Family Member on the Family widget and Added option to edit a Membership on the Membership widget — edit option is available by right-clicking an individual contact in either of these sections.

  • Allow multi-selected activities on the Dashboard to be deleted/completed/rolled over via right click — after selecting the activities on your Dashboard that you would like to perform one of these actions upon, simply right-click one of them and you'll see these options available.

  • Fixed ISEMPTY searches for the fields Account Company/Manager/Model/Number/Product, Account Asset Name, DL Number, Firstname, Job Title, Keyword, Lastname, Name, Occupation, Primary Contact Email/Name/Phone, Tax ID — Running a search on any of these fields with the Operand set to Is Empty (NULL) will now produce accurate results.

  • Allow to create a new Contact when adding a family member relationship — if the contact name you type in the box when adding a new Family member doesn't already have a contact record, you can now go ahead and create the family relationship and a record will be established for the new contact.

  • Fixed bug where 1/1/1900 might show on Contact Profile Form — this sometimes occurred when no data was populated within the database for some fields that appear on Profile Form

  • Added Completed Workflows widget — from a contact's Activities page, you can now switch to see Completed Workflows from the Activity Views box.

  • Added a View Workflow History right click on Contact Workflows widget — this will allow you to see the history of steps for a given Workflow.

  • Fixed bug with Portfolio Center uploader — if you were experiencing difficulty with uploading your Portfolio Center file, you should now be able to do so.

  • Added preferred contact method back to Contact Card.  Preferred option is bolded.

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