Release Notes - February 21, 2012

Below is a summary of Release Note Highlights from the past week:

  • Added the Advisory World integration. Right-click on an account to run a Fact Sheet. Complimentary to all users.
  • Fixed bug in Rollover Activities function — this should resolve error some users were experiencing when attempting to rollover activities in bulk.
  • Added option to link an Unlinked Account directly to a Contact regardless of tax id number — this greatly streamlines the process for linking of accounts that don't bear the same TIN as the contact to whom they should be attached.  Option is available when right-clicking an account on your Unlinked Accounts page.

  • Fixed ISEMPTY searches for the fields Address, Phone, Servicing Advisor, Writing Advisor, Contact Review Date, Employer, Personal Interest — allows you to quickly pinpoint contact records for which these fields are blank.

  • Fixed Calendar Category filtering — previously Category selections were not being factored into Calendar display.

  • Applied update to iCal for Google Calendar users — this update addresses timezone and other issues when using iCal to sync to Google Calendar.

  • Added option for Database Owners to edit their name information and change their passwords from the Manage Database Users and Teams page

  • Allow management of Seminar Checklists from the Reminders report by double clicking on the Action name 

  • Updated activity notifications to reflect if the activity is repeating

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