Release Notes - February 6, 2012

Below is a summary of Release Note Highlights from the past week:

  • Added new menu under Manage Your Account called Manage Database Integrations which can only be accessed by Adminsthis area currently allows the integrations for CopyTalk, Mobile Assistant and TD Ameritrade to be enabled or disabled for an entire database.
  • Added TD Ameritrade Veo settings input area under Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences.Requires that database has the TD Ameritrade integration enabled to work.
  • Changed Manage Your Account --> Dropbox Files to Manage Your Account --> Dropbox Files & Database Backups - 

    a widget is available here that allows database admins to request and have automatically created database backups.

  • Fixed bug in saving Broadcast Emails as a Contact Note - previously you received an error when attempting to save copies of a Broadcast Email as a Note to contact records.
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