Release Notes - January 30, 2012

  • Added additional Client Review and Birthday reminder date options (90, 180, 365 days in advance and 60, 90 days past). - These settings are configurable under Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences in the Reminders section.
  • Added capability to add to MailChimp in bulk from the Advanced Search  - from your Advanced Search page, you can now select contacts to send to MailChimp in bulk (this is in Options menu).  You will first need to enter your API Key for MailChimp in your database under Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences in the Integrations section.  You can obtain this API Key from within your MailChimp account under Account > Extras.
  • Added back the Bulk Servicing Advisor and Bulk Writing Advisor options - from your Advanced Search page, you'll find these capabilities in the Options menu. 

  • Added popup for TDA Announcements from TDA Announcements widget - applies if you have integration with TD Ameritrade. 

  • Fixed a number of issues with BEGINS WITH, IS EMPTY and LIKE searches from your Advanced Search page.
  • Updated the Notes by Contact report by showing all database categories (including deleted) in the Filters section - if you're running a Notes search that you've set to include all Categories, this allows you to make sure you're gathering those Notes  that were assigned a Category that has since been deleted from your database. 

  •  Added a "select all" option to the Activity reports for the options "Show Activity Types", "Show Categories", "Show Users" - a time saver when switching between running Activity Reports that include handpicked Types, Categories or Users and including all of any of these filters. 

  • Updated the Default Activity Type drop down on Change Site Preferences to show all available database activity types - previously you could not set a custom Activity Type as the default type for Activity creation. 

  • Added red highlighting on past due Client Review reminder dates - these Reminders are accessible from your Dashboard. 

  • Account reference on Contact Overview --> Recent Notes (and from contact's main Notes page) is now a link to that account - this is helpful when a contact has multiple accounts with the same company.  The account reference (company name) is now a link to that specific account within the contact's record.

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