Release Notes - January 23, 2012

Below is a summary of Release Note Highlights from the past week:

  • Added a simple hyperlink to the names in the Family widget and Added a simple hyperlink to the linked contacts in the Membership widget.
  • Fixed bug in the three Activity Reports available where completed activities were not displaying.  - You can now filter by Completed or Open and Completed Activities in each of these three reports.
  • Added the Export to PDF option for all Activity reports - You can now export any Activity Report you run into pdf format, suitable for printing.
  • Added integration checks for CopyTalk, MobileAssistant, TD Ameritrade - widgets for these integration partners will no longer appear within your database if you have not enabled integration with them.  
  • Enabled TD Ameritrade integration. Widgets available on Dashboard and right clicks available on Accounts page for enabled databases. - You can contact Redtail support to provide your Rep # and Redtail username in order to begin the setup process for this integration on our end.
  • Added an Activity Note tooltip to the Dashboard Calendar (Doesn't currently work in IE9, unless you're in Compatibility Mode). - If any Activity has an associated Note, when you hover over that Activity on your Today's Overview Calendar, a tooltip will popup with the content of that Note.
  • Added tooltips to the calendar items which includes the activity note. - The same functionality as the above item is in place on your main Calendar.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Contact Names from showing on the Calendar month view. - Previously, timed events on Monthly Calendar did not display contact name.
  • Added the name of the assigned user in () like the old calendar. Applies when the event is assigned to someone other than the logged in user.  - Name of assignee displays in parenthesis for each activity (unless it is an activity associated with the username under which you are logged in.)





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