Release Notes - January 16, 2012

Below is a summary of Release Note Highlights from the past week:

  • Removed old CRM forum link from Classic CRM - we will no longer be supporting the Redtail Classic forum, which was accessible from the Support menu in Redtail Classic.
  • Removed old tutorials link from Classic CRM - all tutorials are now available here.
  • Restored the Email Admin role. If you are not an Email Admin you can only see messages where you are included in the To, From, CC or BCC fields.  As a result of this restoration, by default your database owner will be set as an Email Admin and all other users of the database will not have admin rights. The change will impact the emails that users can view in Email History on a contact record. The database owner will be able to see all emails that are linked to the contact records within the database. As for other users, they will now only see the email correspondence that they were included on. This is a departure from the viewing setup of the past.  Your database owner will need to contact support to request that email viewing permissions be changed to Admin for those users whom they wish to see all email correspondence.
  • Fixed the black background issue when printing calendar in IE9.  There was an issue when selecting Print Calendar when using Internet Explorer 9 that opened up the Calendar on a black background, making the calendar for printing unviewable.  This issue has been fixed.
  • Updated Calendar view so that you can see entire day without scrolling inside the Calendar.  Previously, there was an issue where if you were trying to view a day that had a lengthy amount of activities on it, you might not be able to view those later in the day, as you couldn't scroll within the calendar to get to them.  Calendar views no longer require scrolling within the calendar, thus allowing you to see all activities using your primary scroll bar.
  • Updated the Contact Card to default to open.  The Default Setting for the Contact Card on your Contact Overview pages is now Open (viewable).
  • Fixed IE9 date picker on Calendar page.  There was an issue when using the date picker during activity creation when using Internet Explorer 9 that only displayed portions of the date picker and prevented its closing after selecting a date.  This issue has been fixed.
  • Updated the individual Contact email dialog with a new email editor supporting the Paste from Word feature and  Updated the Broadcast Email dialog with a new email editor supporting the Paste from Word feature.  This allows you to create templates within Microsoft Word with your desired formatting - you can then copy your template from within Word and use this Paste from Word option to paste your template with formatting into your individual contact emails or Broadcast emails.
  • Can now add attachments to emails generated from Contact Card and Can now add attachments to Broadcast Emails. Ability to add attachments from emails generated within Redtail CRM has been restored.
  • Added Face Value field to the Accounts General Information section.
  • Added link to My Account on the header by the username, links a Database Owner to the subscription management area.  This functionality is only available to the database owner and provides them a quick link to an area where they can allow or disallow access to Redtail Classic, update their payment information, activate their Redtail subscription or cancel their Redtail subscription.  The link to My Account is on the top right corner of every page within the database for the database owner:

  • Added sub menus to Contact Overview --> Activities menu.  You now have direct access here to Open Activities, Completed Activities, Checklists and Workflows for the contact.
  • Added a View Completed link to the Open Activities widget to quickly navigate to the Completed Activities page. This allows you to access a contact's completed activities without having to go to their main Activities page first to do so.
  • Added an option for a default Start and End Time for the calendar view. You can now go to Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences to the Activity Management section to set your own individual preferences for Default Calendar Start and End times.
  • Fixed bug in saving/updating an activity with a note that is too long. Now displaying warning if note count above 4000 characters (including white space).  Currently there are character limits for notes.  A problem existed where if you attempted to save an activity with a note that exceeded these limits, the activity was not saved but you were given no warning.  You will now receive a warning dialog that will allow you to alter your note in a manner that will allow you to save the activity.
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