Site Navigation in Redtail

There are now two navigation bars within Redtail, providing easy access to more information at once than ever before.

Top Navigation Bar



There are seven main menus from this top navigation bar, or eight when you are within a contact's record. These menus are:



This menu accesses:



This menu accesses your full calendar when clicking on the main link. Your "Quick View" calendar always appears on your home page.


This menu accesses:

Contact Overview



This menu is only present in your navigation bar when you are within a contact record. It accesses:



Standard Reports accesses all available default reports within Redtail.

Custom Exporting allows you to create or edit custom exports within your database.



This menu accesses:

  • Contact us - easily find Redtail's contact information to call or email us should you have a question.
  • Forums - Interact with other Redtail customers in our Google forum.
  • Redtail Help Desk - Find help documentation and videos on a wide array of Redtail topics. Search within different sections for specific topics.
  • Remote Tech Support Use this link to access remote tech support with a code provided by a Redtail support representative.
  • Submit a Help Ticket - Submit a ticket directly to our support team for assistance.
  • Suggest a Feature or Enhancement - Suggest features or comment or vote upon those suggested by others. When an idea you've engaged with is commented or acted upon, you'll receive an email notification.


This menu accesses:

Manage Your Account


This menu accesses:

Bottom Navigation Bar


Home - clicking Home will take you back to your Home page.

Recent - clicking Recent will show you recent contact records you have accessed and let you quickly access them without searching.

QuickLists - clicking QuickLists will display all QuickLists within your database and allow you to access them quickly. If your database makes extensive use of Quicklists, you'll also find that you can search your QuickLists by Name via this menu.

Web Links - you can customize these to provide yourself quick access to other websites.

Alerts - these provide a visual cue when you have timed activities approaching.

Common Tasks - this menu is only available when you are within a contact's record. It provides you with several options, which you can view here.

Integrations- quick access to Redtail's partner company software solutions that you have integrated with Redtail.

What's New - quick links to new or pertinent information regarding Redtail.

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