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One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your clients' trust in your office is to provide consistent, informed service. Everyone in your office that might come into contact with your clients should be able to quickly see what your most recent points of contact with a client have been.

When a client calls in and mentions a recent conversation with someone else in the office, detailed Notes can make a huge difference in your client's perceptions of your office after the call has ended. That's why after each point of contact with a client, everyone in your office should be trained to enter a Note into the client's record detailing the contact — in many cases, the Note can even be entered contemporaneous with the point of contact, particularly if the contact method is a telephone call.

Let's take a look at Note functionality within Redtail.

After entering a Contact Record, you should be aware that the Overview page contains a section displaying recent Note Entries for the contact:



As mentioned above, the ability to quickly see recent points of contact with a Contact is crucial. Redtail puts this information in front of you as soon as you've entered a Contact record.

Note as well in the Recent Notes section on a Contact's Overview that you can click Last 30 Days to choose from some different time frames of notes to display or you can click View All to view their entire Notes history.

You can also click the Add Note link here to access the dialog for adding a new Note for the contact. The Add Note dialog looks like the below:




You can simply enter your Note in the text box labeled Note.

Category: If you assign your Notes a Category, this will allow you to search Notes by that Category when running your Notes Reports.  You should be aware that, while you cannot edit Notes at a later date, you can go back and edit their Category at any time.  Simply right-click the Note in question from within the contact record, and you'll see the below options:




If you click "Change Category," you'll then see the below dialog where you can select a different Master Category to apply to the Note:



This can prove useful if your office at some point wants to change how they categorize Notes, particularly since the Standard Notes Report allows you to filter by Category.

Account: You can select one of your client's accounts that the Note is in reference to.  Also, you'll see that in the above right-click options for Notes that you can later change which account is linked to a Note as well.

Copy To: You can copy the Note to another contact's record (this might prove useful for a point of contact with spouses).

Notify: You can select other database users from this pull down menu to whom you would like to send an email notifying them of this Note entry.

Team Notify: You can select database teams to send an email notification of this note to.

Create follow up activity: Checking off this option will open a dialog for Activity creation after you've saved your Note.

Auto Draft Notes

We’ve incorporated an auto-drafting Note feature so that when you’re entering a Note from within a Client Record, after every 25 keystrokes a draft of your Note is saved on Redtail’s servers.  If you end up saving the note you were working on, the draft will automatically be cleared. Otherwise, if you navigate away from the Add New Note dialog without saving, your note draft will be available for you to use when you return to the Add Note page for your client. Note drafts can be accessed by clicking "show note drafts" within the Add New Note dialog:




After clicking "show note drafts," if there are any drafts of Notes that were not saved, they will appear in the bottom of this dialog, as seen below:




To move the draft into the Note body, click the Copy link at the end of the row containing the draft — you can then complete the Note if need be and then save it as you ordinarily would when adding a Note.  To Delete the draft without saving, click on the Delete link. 

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