Dashboard: Today's Overview - Recently Added Notes

When logging into your database, the default login page is your Today's Overview page (which is otherwise accessible under Dashboard --> Today's Overview:


There are several components to this page.  Here we'll take a look at the Recently Added Notes widget:


On the gray bar that runs across the top of this section, note the arrow at the left-hand end.  This will allow you to expand or collapse this section, dependent upon its current state.

At the other end of this bar, you have three options:

Add - This will bring up the Add New Note dialog.

Last 24 Hours - Clicking this will allow you to choose other time periods for viewing within your Recently Added Notes - you can see above we've selected "Last 10 Notes."

User - by default this will be set to "Me," meaning you will be looking at notes you've recently added to the database.  Clicking this will allow you to choose other database users' notes to view, or you have an option to view everyone's notes.  In our example above, we're looking at those entered by database user Les Andrews.

Let's take a look at the most recently added Note from above to explore in a little more detail what is displayed here:

If you've uploaded a photo for this contact record, that's the first thing you'll see in the Note.  You can learn more about uploading photos to contact records here.

Next, you'll see the date and time the Note was added, as well as the database user that entered the Note.

You'll then see the Category of the Note (by default this is General Information, unless you choose another Category when creating the Note.)

Next, you'll see the contact name on whose record the Note was created.  Double-clicking the contact's name will take you to their Contact Overview page.

Finally, you will see the Note itself that was entered.

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