Advanced Search Field: Contact ID Number

To run an Advanced Search within Redtail, click Search under your Contacts menu:




You'll then see an area where you can set up the parameters for your Advanced Search:




The Field menu presents you with a list of all of the fields within Redtail that you can set up a search for here.  In this post, we'll take a look at the Contact ID Number field:




After selecting "Contact ID Number" from the Field menu, your next selection to make is the Operand you want to use with it.  Your available Operands are:

  • Begins With
  • Like
  • Equal To
  • Greater Than
  • Less Than
  • Not Equal To
  • Is Empty (NULL)

A Contact ID Number is automatically generated for each of your contacts as you add them to your database, so this is not a field that you manually control within Redtail CRM.  When you run a Custom Export or most of the default Exports available within Redtail, however, once your Excel file opens up their will be a a column headed "ClientID" that lists the Contact ID Number for each of the contacts included in the export.

If for some reason a database user has inadvertently deleted the name of one of your contacts (without deleting their contact record), this serves as a method for locating the contact and reentering their name if need be.  

If you had run one of your Custom Exports where this is the case, you might see the below in your Excel file:


Now you'd have a Contact ID Number for the contact whose name is missing, which takes us back to how you can search on that field.  While the other Operands above would offer little value with this particular field, you can now use the Equal To Operand to find the record for this Contact ID Number:


After clicking Search, you would then see the below:


If you right-click anywhere on the row for this contact with no name, you'll see the option to go to the record's Overview page:


If you click Overview, you'll then go to the contact's Overview page:


In this particular case, no information is listed other than the contact's Spouse's name, but hopefully that will be enough for you to tell to whom this record belongs, allowing you to edit their Basic Information and get their name back in the database.  If there was no Spouse name listed here, you might have to dig around a bit within the record to determine to whom it belonged, but you could look at items in the Contact Card, Contact Details, Account Information, etc., in order to help you with pinning down to whom the record belongs.

Note: with any of your Advanced Searches, you can create Tag Groups or Quicklists.  You also have many other options in terms of working with your search results.
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