Advanced Search Field: Birthday Year

To run an Advanced Search within Redtail, click Search under your Contacts menu:




You'll then see an area where you can set up the parameters for your Advanced Search:




The Field menu presents you with a list of all of the fields within Redtail that you can set up a search for here.  In this post, we'll take a look at the Birthday Year field:





After selecting "Birthday Year" from the Field menu, your next selection to make is the Operand you want to use with it.  Your available Operands are:

  • Begins With
  • Like
  • Equal To
  • Greater Than
  • Less Than
  • Not Equal To
  • Is Empty (NULL)

We'll explain the types of results you might expect from some of these, along with what you might enter in the Criteria box to get at your desired results.

Begins With — this is not a valid Operand with the Birthday Year field. 

Like — although you're not likely to use this Operand with the Birthday Year field, you could use it to find particular strings of numbers that might appear within your contacts' Birthday Year:


The above example, for instance, would return all of your contacts with a Birthday Year anywhere between 1970 and 1979.  

Equal To — Use this when you want to pull up all records with a specific Birthday Year:

This search would return all contacts in your database for whom you've recorded a Birthday Year of 1975.

Greater Than / Less Than — these Operands can be used to find contacts whose Birthday Year falls later or earlier than the Year you enter as the Criteria.  

To find all contacts whose Birthday Year is later than 1969, you would set this search up as in the below example:


To find all contacts whose Birthday Year is earlier than 1980, you would set this search up as in the below example:


Note: you can use the AND function after your Criteria box to combine the Greater Than and Less Than Operands in order to find all contacts whose birthdays years fall between two entered Years:


The above search would return only those contacts whose Year of Birth is greater than 1969 and less than 1980, i.e., your results would display those contacts with a Birthday Year in the 1970s.

Not Equal To — Although you probably wouldn't be too likely to use this Operand with Birthday Year, it will allow you to find all contacts whose Birthday Year is not the one you enter as a Criteria.  In the example below, your results would display all contacts who weren't born in 1950:


Is Empty (NULL) — Use this Operand to determine which of your contacts do not have a Birthday Year entered for their record.  Note, you'll want to add a second layer to this search to narrow it to contacts with a Type of Individual, as none of your other Contact Types will have Birthday Years entered, and you probably wouldn't want those cluttering your results:


Dates of Birth for contacts can be entered from the Contact Details area of their record.

Note: with any of your Advanced Searches, you can create Tag Groups or Quicklists.  You also have many other options in terms of working with your search results.
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