Can I create a Quicklist of all contacts in my database?

While there is a very simple method of pulling up all contacts within your database, that method does not allow you to create a Quicklist from your results.  So, how do you go about searching for all of your contacts and then saving the results as a Quicklist you can return to again and again.  

First, you'll go to your Search page under the Contacts menu:




From there you'll want to set up a search that will pull up all Contact Types.  The reason that you'll use this particular Field is that all contacts must have a Type, so covering all of them in a search will ensure that your results include all contacts.  So, your search parameters would look like this:




Then, click Search.  Once your results are returned, you can click Save as Quicklist and an updated list of all contacts will be available to you with one click going forward.

Two notes on this particular search:

1.  Depending upon the size of your database, it could take some time for your search results to return.

2.  If you don't want to include any of the Contact Types above in this particular list, just don't include those Types in the parameters you set up.

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