How do I create saved searches (QuickLists) for repeated use in Redtail?

Redtail provides this capability through the use of Quicklists.  Quicklists are dynamic groups of contacts pulled from your database based upon search criteria you have previously defined.  If you anticipate one of your searches will be a common one, the use of Quicklists will allow you to keep updated results for a standing search query at your fingertips.

Here's an example:  Say that you wanted to to be able to quickly access all Active, A Clients over the age of 40 within your database.  To initially locate these contact records, you would need to go to your Advanced Search page, accessible under Contacts —> Search:



You'll then see the below:



Set up your Field, Operand and Criteria boxes to reflect the search parameters you're seeking, in this instance Active A Clients older than 40:



Then, click Search.  After your query has run, you'll see your results as in the example below:



Note in our example above that 126 records were returned for this search (of which we're only showing a small sample).

Now, to save this particular query as a Quicklist, you'll want to click the Save as QuickList button above your search results:



You'll then see a dialog pop up like the below:



For our example here, I've gone ahead and given the Quicklist a name - "Active A Clients over 40."  After you've typed in your Quicklist's name, just click Save Quicklist.  You'll then receive a confirmation message letting you know your Quicklist was saved.

Going forward, you will never have to manually run this search again.  It will be accessible under Contacts —> Quicklists from your top navigation menu:



After clicking QuickLists, you'll see a list of all your QuickLists:




You can then right-click your QuickList and select Send to Search to automatically run your query from the Advanced Search page:



A quicker way to run your QuickList query is to select it from your Quicklists link in your bottom navigation menu:




Note: there is a "Search Quicklists" box at the top of this menu that will allow you to quickly locate a Quicklist if your database has a large number of them.

Either way you run your search, it will be accurate for the moment in time at which you run the search.

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