Contacts A-Z

Within your Contacts menu you'll see a Contacts A-Z option:

This provides you a way of viewing your contacts by the first letter of their last name or, in the case of contacts with a Type of Association, Business, Trust or Union, by the first letter of their name.

Above you can see an example of this.  In the top right corner you'll see the total number of contact records returned for that particular letter, in this case 48.

To view results for another letter (or for a number), it's simply a matter of clicking on that letter in the the alphabet above your search results.

Note that you can reorganize the information displayed here by working with your grid options.  Grid options are explained in this post.

Additionally, you have all of the options available with these contacts that are typically available after running an Advanced Search.

If you hover directly over a contact name here, you'll receive a popup with some basic contact information for that contact.  For example, if we were to hover over ABC Capital in our example above, we might see the below:

In addition to this quick view of a contact's basic contact information, you also have direct access to many of the areas within an individual contact's record, simply by right-clicking their name in your search results.  After doing so, you'll see the following options:

After right-clicking any given record, you can go directly to the contact's Overview, Accounts, Activities, Documents, Know Your Client, Notes or Relationships pages.  Further, hovering over Activities in this menu will allow you to go directly to their Checklists or Workflows page.

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