How do I set up repeating activities?

When creating activities within your database, you will most likely want to establish some of them as repeating activities (e.g. weekly meetings, regularly scheduled appointments, etc.). You can learn how to create activities here.  In this post we'll cover how to set up an activity as a repeating activity.

When you bring up the Add New Activity dialog, you will see the below:




All of the fields in this dialog are covered in the post linked to above.  Here we'll just consider how you utilize the Repeat option (highlighted above).  If you select the box to the right of the word "Repeat . . .", you'll see a new dialog:




There are two sections to look at here.  The first is the Repeats (or frequency) section:


In order to set the activity as a Repeating Activity, you will need to clear the default selection ("This activity does not repeat") by selecting one of the two repeat options available and defining the parameters for that particular option.

If you select the first option, you can define your parameters using any of the below options:



What you can see here is that we selected the first Repeat option and then clicked the arrows in the "Every" and "Day" boxes.  This allows you to choose between:

  • Every Day, Week, Month or Year
  • Every Other Day, Week, Month or Year
  • Every Third Day, Week, Month or Year
  • Every Fourth Day Week, Month or Year

If you instead select the second Repeat option, you can define your parameters using any of the below options:


You can choose any combination of the three variables here to set up the recurrence pattern for your repeating activity.

The second section in this dialog is the Ends section:



If you want the activity to repeat at your desired frequency indefinitely, you can leave this at the default selection of Never.  If you do want to set an End date for your repeating activity, you can select On, and then type in your end date or click the Calendar icon to choose an end date.

Once you've set up your Repeat and End options, you can click the Done option in this dialog. You can then continue with completing any remaining fields in the Add New Activity dialog. Once you've saved the Activity, you should see the repeating activity on the calendar for the database user to whom it is assigned.

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    Melissa Sanchez

    We established repeating activities with no end.   However, when we go into the client's contact under open activities I am showed each one that goes out until 2021.  It distorts viewing any other activity within the client's open activities.  Is it necessary to see all of these.  Can't we see the current one and when that is closed go to the next one??????

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