How do I reassign Activities from one database user to another?

At times you may have the need to reassign an activity or activities from one database user to another. We'll take a look here at how to do this on an individual basis and in bulk.

Reassigning a single activity

To reassign a single activity, just locate the activity on your calendar that you want to reassign and click it to bring up the Update Activity dialog:



Then, you can select the database user from the Assigned To box to whom you want to reassign the activity.  Then click Update.  The activity will then move to the other database user's calendar.

Reassigning activities in bulk

There may be times when you need to reassign activities from one database user to another in bulk, such as when an employee is on extended leave or is terminated. This action can be performed in the following manner:

—  Go to your Today's Overview page:



—  By default you will see your activities for today's date displayed on your Today's Overview Calendar.  Click Me on the right-hand side of the Calendar bar to choose the database user whose activities you want to reassign:


After clicking Me, you'll see a dialog with a list of all database users which you can select from:



Here, we'll demonstrate how we might reassign any past due open activities for Les Andrews to Bob Builder.  After clicking Les Andrews' name, the calendar will refresh to display his open activities.  Note that his name will then be reflected where it previously said "Me":


—  If the activities for Les you want to reassign are due on a date other than today's date, click Today on the right-hand side of the Calendar bar and choose the time frame of activities you are looking to reassign in the popup dialog:



In our example, we're going to click Past Due in order that we might view and reassign past due activities for Les.  Here's what that might look like:



—  Select the boxes to the left of the applicable activities.  If you want to reassign all of them, you can select the box next to the Activity Date column header, which will select all activities:



—  Then, click the Selected option at the right of the header bar.   In the resulting dialog, select the other database user from the Reassign To box and click Reassign Selected Items:



The selected activities will then be moved from Les Andrews' calendar to Bob Builder's calendar.

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