How do I add an Activity from the Dashboard?

On the Today's Overview section of your Dashboard, you'll see a version of your Redtail Calendar:



To add an activity from this area, you can click Add:



You'll then see your Add New Activity dialog:




Let's take a look at each of these options during activity creation:



You can type a contact's last name in the Contact box to see records from your database and then select the record you want to apply the Activity to:



If you were creating an Activity regarding Buddy Thomas, after clicking on his name here you would see the below:



If the contact you want to create the activity for is not already in your database, when you save the activity you'll be prompted to create a record for them.


You can then move to the Type menu:



If you click on the arrow at the end of this box, you'll see that you can select from any of the Activity Types created within your database:



In the Activity box, simply type the name you want to give the Activity - this is the Activity name that will display on your Calendar:



You can then choose the date, time and place for your Activity:



In the When box, you can click on the Calendar icon to the right of the date (which defaults to Today's date) to select the date for your Activity:



You can select the time for your event after that or mark it as an All Day Event.

Setting up your activity as a repeating activity is also an option.  Details for how to work with this are here.

You can also indicate a Duration if you would like.

Then, you can choose to indicate a Location here as well.  This will display on your Dashboard Calendar.

Next, you can choose a Category for your Activity:



The choices which appear in this pulldown list are based upon Master Categories which you have set up within Redtail.

Next, you can link the activity to an account (if you've indicated a contact in that field above).  If you have done that, just pick from that contact's existing accounts in this pulldown menu:




Now you can choose the database user to whom you want to assign the activity, as well as electing whether or not to send them an email notification of this assignment:



Next, if you would like to notify one of your database user teams, you can do so by selecting them from the Team Notify menu (once you've saved the activity, an email will be sent to all members of that team, notifying them of the activity):




You can also enter any Notes you want to associate with this Activity (character limit for Activity Notes, including spaces, is 7,900 characters):



Because not all Activities have the same level of importance, you also have the options to designate Importance and Priority:



Your Importance options are Low, Normal and High.  Your Priority options are 1-6.

You can also indicate the current level of completion for an activity:



Finally, if you have an account with Advisor Products, you can share the Activity to Advisor Products by checking off this box here:




Your last options are to Save Activity, Save & NewSave & Clone or Cancel:


Clicking Save Activity will place it upon your calendar.

Clicking Save & New will save your current Activity and open up an Add New Activity dialog.

Clicking Save & Clone will save the Activity and open up a new Add New Activity dialog with the same options set in the previous one.  You can then make minor changes to your options and save the new Activity.  This is useful if you're creating multiple Activities that have a lot of common factors.

Finally, clicking Cancel will close the Add New Activity dialog without saving your Activity.

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