How can I sync Redtail with my iCal program?

To set up the iCal feed from Redtail to your iCal program, from within Redtail go to Manage Your Account —> Change Site Preferences:

On your Site Preferences page, you’ll want to look in the Activity Management section:

From here, change Allow iCal Access to Yes and click Save. Next, go to your main Calendar page in Redtail.  In the Actions box to the right of your calendar, click Subscribe to iCal Feed:

Clicking this option will either take you to a new web page or open your iCal program. If it takes you to a new web page, it will not display any information.  You will just need to copy the entire address from the address bar on this page and then open your iCal program and add that in as a subscribed calendar address.

If it does open your iCal program, you’ll see a dialog that looks something like this:

You can then copy the address from this dialog (you may need to use the scroll bar to copy all of it).  Then, you will need to paste this subscribed calendar address into your iCal program.  For our purposes here, we’ll show you how to do this in Google Calendar.

From your main Google Calendar page, you’ll see a section that looks like the below:

You'll then see the below options:

Click Add by URL. You’ll then see the following dialog, where you can paste the URL that you copied earlier, as you can see we’ve done here:

Then, click Add Calendar.  If your setup was successful, your Google Calendar page will refresh in a few moments with a message at the top that looks like this:

The iCal feed most likely will not run immediately but you should see the feed begin some time shortly after setup.  If you don’t see it, you may need to refresh the page.

Finally, several items you will want to be aware of using the iCal feed to Google Calendar.

  1. This feed only runs once a day.
  2. Activities with a Type of Task will not sync over.
  3. This is a one-way sync.
  4. For many users, particularly those not on the west coast, the time of your events will not be accurate.  We have been looking into this but thus far have been unable to determine what is causing the time change for non-west coast users.
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    Georgia Hussey

    I did this and it has worked great.  In the past week, changes to my calendar are not updating via the URL in Gcal.  Ideas?

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    Just talked to the help desk.  There is a known issue with the iCal feed.  Mine worked fro a few years and then stopped.  Very frustrating.


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    Erin Bailey Parish

    Did you ever determine what was causing the google calendar sync to sync up to the wrong time zone? I am having this problem now. I checked my redtail account and it is showing Central time (the correct time zone) but the calendar is syncing up as Pacific time. 

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