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When logging into your database, the default login page is your Today's Overview page (which is otherwise accessible under Dashboard --> Today's Overview:




There are several components to this page.  Here we'll take a look at the Calendar component: 



Header Bar

 First, let's take a look at the header running across the top of this section:




You can use the arrow at the very left end of this bar to expand or contract your Calendar section on your Overview page.  You also have four options at the right end of this bar:

Add - clicking this will open up an Add New Activity dialog.

Today - clicking this will open up a dialog that will allow you to choose between several different timeframes for your current Calendar View:





Note:  If you choose "Past Due & Next 7 Days," your Dashboard Calendar will be divided into three sections: Past Due, Today and Upcoming (the six days following today).

Selected - after selecting one, some or all activities on display, clicking this will open up a dialog that will allow you to perform the following actions on those activities: Reassign Selected Items (to a different database user), Change Date on Selected itemsComplete Selected Items, Delete Selected Items or Rollover All Selected Items to today's date:



Note: if you have multiple activities selected and right-click on any of the activity rows that you have selected, you can rollover, complete or delete in bulk using that method as well.


Me - clicking this will open up a dialog that will allow you to select the database user whose calendar you want to view:





Calendar Columns

Now we'll take a look at the default columns displayed within this calendar:




We'll look at each of these below: 


Activity Date


 This column displays the date of the event and indicates whether it is a timed or an All Day Event.  To the left of each activity is a selection box, which you can use in conjunction with the Selected option in the header bar.

Activity Type, Importance and Priority



These three columns display, respectively, an icon indicating the Activity Type, the Activity's Importance and the Activity's Priority.




This column displays the Activity's name and the contact (if any) to whom the Activity is attached.  Also, if a nickname is entered for the contact, it will display on the Dashboard Calendar entry, providing the activity's assignee a quick reminder of how they may want to address the contact:




Clicking the contact's name will take you to their Contact Overview page.  Clicking the Activity subject will open up a dialog that allows you to edit the Activity.

Also, hovering over a Contact Name here will display a tooltip with the contact's Basic contact information.  Hovering over the Activity subject will display a Tooltip with the Activity Note (if any).



This column displays the location of the Activity, if that information was entered when the Activity was created.



This column displays the Activity's Category, which can be selected during creation or editing of an Activity.

Assigned To


This column displays the database user to whom the Activity is currently assigned.

Additional Column Options

You can select some additional columns for display by clicking on the down arrow that displays in any of the column headers when you hover over them and then hovering over columns:



Note as well that this will allow you to sort a given column in ascending or descending order.

Double and Right-Click Options

Double-clicking anywhere in an Activity's row will open up the Activity for editing.

Right-clicking anywhere in an Activity's row will present you with several options:



Note: if you have multiple activities selected and right-click, you can perform any of these four actions in bulk with the exception of the "Edit Activity" option.  Also, if you choose the "Delete Activity" option when you have multiple activities selected, it is required that you actually type the word "DELETE" in the resulting dialog prior to confirming the deletion.  This is to prevent you from inadvertently deleting multiple activities when that may not be your intention.

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