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Scheduling errors are a common mistake that can negatively affect your clients’ perceptions of your office. That’s why it’s important that your office use a calendar that allows everyone to see quickly what others in the office have scheduled as well as giving them the ability to assign calendar items to others. Additionally, it’s important that you be able to report out on calendar items in order that you might better monitor where time is being spent and how time management might be improved.

Redtail offers:

  • A quick actionable view of your own or other database users' calendars from your default login page (Today’s Overview):


  • A separate Calendar portion of your CRM where you can view your calendar by Day, Week or Month views, where you can choose which database users' calendars to view and where you can view whatever activity types and/or categories that you want to see displayed. 
  • You also have the ability to color code different types of activities:



  • The ability to assign activities to other users' calendars during activity creation.
  • Calendar reporting capabilities available under Reports —> Activity Report.


To help users manage their activities, the Redtail calendar also has the following features:

  • Ability to show/hide specific activity types/categories:

    In the example above, you're seeing the box on your main Calendar page where you can control what Activity Types you would like displayed (there is a similar box for Activity Categories).  In this example, you would see all Activity Types. You can always click Select All to display all or click None to uncheck them all and then handpick a couple.  Tip: when done filtering your view, make sure to click "Select All" to ensure that you do not miss an activity that needs to be completed.

  • Ability to show/hide specific database users' calendars:

    Here you can determine whose Calendar you are viewing.  You can add individual database user's Calendars to your current View by putting a check next to one or more user's names and then waiting on the page to refresh.  Or, you can "Select All" by clicking on that link in the header bar across the top.  To return to your individual Calendar, you can click on the "Just Me" link.

  • Change the calendar colors:  Each database user has the capability to define custom colors for Active and Completed activities by Activity Type.  Your color selections will be used even when you are viewing activities for multiple users. To begin setting up your custom colors, click on the Change Colors link that appears in the Actions box on your Calendars screen:


    You will then be presented with a dialog, a sample of which is below, where you can define your custom colors for the Activity Types which your office has established:


    You can then click a currently assigned color to edit it.  After clicking on the current Active Color for the Activity Type "1st Appointment," you would see the following:


    From there you can select from the color selector that is available.  After you have selected new colors for Active and Completed 1st Appointments and saved your selections, your editing page might then look like the below:

    If you're happy with your selections, you can click Done at the bottom of the dialog. Then, if you were to look at your calendar on a date that included both completed and active 1st appointments, you would see that the colors you chose for this Activity Type are accurately reflected as below:

  • Additional Calendar Features
    — Drag and drop items from their current time to the new time.  Just click and drag the activity to your desired time.  This works for Day, Week and Month Views.  NOTE: if the move did not successfully update the activity, the activity would still show at its original date and time.
    — "One Click" editing of Activities - one click will open up an Activity in a dialog box for editing.
    — Double click on a time to add a new Activity.  Place your cursor on your calendar at the time you would like to add the activity, double click, add the activity information and save.
    — Print Calendar functionality is available from the Actions menu to the right of your main Calendar. When viewing the Print Calendar screen after selecting this option, you can click "Show Background Color" in the upper right-hand corner prior to printing, if you'd like the printed version of your Calendar to be color-coded as well.
    — Show Completed Activities, Your Checklist Tasks, Client Reviews, Your Workflow Tasks and Seminars on your main Calendar (these options are available in the Actions box to the right of the Calendar) 
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