Duplicate contact records showing up in Exports, Reports or Mail Merges

On occasion when running a Report, Export or Mail Merge from Redtail, you might see one of your client's names listed multiple times. While your initial thought may be to attempt to delete or combine multiple records, you may find that the contact doesn't actually have multiple records within your database. What you're probably looking at are what we call phantom records. 

The most common cause for multiple displays of contact records when running mail merges, exports or reports is a duplication of one of the record’s basic contact info types (Phone Number Type, Address Type, Internet Address Type).

As an example, let’s say that you had run an Export that included one your contacts twice.  If you visited their Overview, you might see the below on their Contact Card:




Note that this contact has two Phone Numbers, both with a Type of Home.  In order to avoid the duplication of this contact in Exports, Reports or Mail Merges that include the Home Phone field, you would need to edit one of these Phone Numbers so that it has a different Type.  To do so, simply click "home" for one of the Phone Numbers and select a different Type for the Phone Number.

The same issue could arise with duplicate Email 1 addresses under Internet Addresses, or with Physical Addresses with the same type as well.  Once you've addressed these issues when they arise, you shouldn't see the duplication issue going forward.  Below is an example of a Contact Card that could result in the issue with multiple Email 1 addresses and multiple Home addresses:



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